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Established Groups

Crazy Cool Example Group. We're doing something related to Bruce's crazy cool biarre example project idea. We already have 3 members, but need 2 more. Schmoe is in ISYE, Bernie is in Psych, and Schmingie is doing CS and Psych. Contact Schmingie (schmingie@mail).

Campus Wayfinding
Katie Leland - gte349u@mail
Danilo Rodriguez - danilo@cc
Jason Hurley - gte669u@mail
Cindy Petty - gtg395s@mail
David Mann - gtg140b@mail

Cell Phone
Angela Liang gte358v
Greg Smith gte340v
Leslie Kubilius gte475u
Jaime Yap gtg600e
Nick Carter gtg733r

change in the method of getting GT football tickets for the year

Myself, Kevin, and Ry would like to try to get a group together to analyze SCOTs (Self Checkout Terminals). I used to be on the design team for a company that designed one. Almost everyone today knows of them, and has at least used it once. We believe that this topic covers everything that is needed for the project and more. We would like to get two more people (total of 4) in the group. If you are interested please add your name to the list below or e-mail either one of us with any questions.

Ry gtg689e
Kevin gte108w
Eric gte141p
Tim gtg306i

Solar car cockpit design

Buzz Card Redesign
Its going to be fun, you all know you want in on it....

GT Transportation System Upgrade
Tiffany- gte354v
Lulua- gtg364n
Binh- gtg861q
Brent- gte088w

Woody's Dining Hall
Mae Davenport
John Bryan- gtg332a
Stephanie Hollister
Ryan Knight

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