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Supporting housework project

Team members:
Anne Adams - gtg128n at
Britt Caldwell - caldwell at
Lisa Mauney - gte023n at
Jamie Weitz - gtg654v at

We will start with informally interviewing a couple of blind people or subject
matter experts to gather insight into what common problems blind people have in
the household (e.g., preparing meals, finding lost objects) and what AT they
would like to see. Given the outcome of that information gathering process we
will then prototype a device and test the mockup.

Needs analysis
Questions for Annie
Notes from initial interview

Topics to research for paper

Participatory Design
Thermostat questions
Thermostat interviews

Evaluation of Mock-up
Mock up
Tasks for participants to do with website
Exit Interview
Task sheets.xls
Task sheets.v1.xls this is the latest version of the task sheets and exit interview questions

Results of mock-up testing

Class presentation

Final paper