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Here is a link to Tri-Cities STEP

  • Named by College Board as "Most Improved School in America"
  • Visual and Performing Arts Magnet
  • Attended by both members of OutKast

Uploaded Image: Current Step Fellow.jpg
Current and past fellows together in the social studies classroom: Kelly Lancaster, Katie Graybeal, Kamau Bobb, Brian Wayman, and Joy Brathwaite

Uploaded Image: Historic Marker.jpg
Historic marker located on site

Uploaded Image: Mascot.jpg
Joy and Katie posing with the mascot

Uploaded Image: Cafeteria.jpg
Brian looking quite dapper in the abandoned cafeteria

Uploaded Image: Parking Lot.jpg
Kelly and Katie near the faculty parking lot demonstrating what NOT to wear (or expose)

Uploaded Image: Pepsi.jpg
What!? Pepsi in Atlanta!?

Uploaded Image: Trophy Case.jpg
Joy and Brian flaunting all of their trophies

Uploaded Image: Vice Principal.jpg
Current fellows with the vice principal sporting new plastic bookbags

Uploaded Image: Hallway.jpg
Vote for a true king? Such modesty!

Did we mention OutKast went here?