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Cedar Grove 2005

Mr. Pastirik's ANTCI Webpage

This page will be a central place to stay in contact with Mr. Pastirik as he journeys to Antarctica on a scientific expedition to study the polar atmosphere. He is traveling with the Antarctic Tropospheric Chemistry Investigation (ANTCI) team.

Mr. Pastirik is back in Atlanta now! Read his final thoughts on his last journal entry, Dec. 6!

NEW CONTENT: THERE ARE MANY NEW PICTURES AND LOG ENTRIES! The pictures are now located in the journal pages.

NEW! Pictures from the trip!

More Pictures!!!

NEW! Shout Outs to My Friends!

Mr. Pastirik's Daily Log

Mr. Pastirik's AP Chemistry Class Discussion Notes

Mr. Pastirik would love to hear from you while he is in Antarctica!
Please send him email by clicking on this link: email Mr. P!

Here are cool links to learn more about the project:
Antarctic Sun article:
Georgia Tech News article:
Overview of ANTCI project:

Cedar Grove High School:

If you have problems or questions about this website, please contact Benita Comeau. email Benita!