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The Persoanal, Academic, and Career Enhancement (PACE) Mentoring Program will be implemented by the STEP graduate fellows, Mr. Adrian Marshall and Ms. Robyn Williams, at Miller Grove beginning in the Spring 2005.

to provide a program to Miller Grove students that enhances their personal, academic, and career skill set while motivating them to free their minds and think beyond today. It is believed that this training and exposure will increase the percentage of students that pursue a higher education and a fulfilling career.

The program would consist of weekly after-school sessions that would be facilitated by current STEP fellows, other Georgia Tech graduate students, Miller Grove faculty volunteers, and a host of professionals. The students would participate in interactive activities that promote personal, educational, and career development.

Eligibility: All Miller Grove Students who submit a pre-registration form will be eligibe to participate in the program

PACE Activities

Download this form to pre-register for PACE:

Other Documents

Final Proposal.doc
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