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Physical Science

"Career of The Week" Semester Project

Career List.doc
Career of the Week Guidelines.doc
Career of the Week Sign up 10.doc
Hollis Career Weekly Schedule.xls
Spr05_Hollis Career Weekly Schedule.xls

Student Presentations
Tire Technician Project_Latoya Williams.ppt

Weekly Classroom Activities

Week 1
Calibration Technician.ppt

Week 2
States of Matter.doc

Week 3
Split it Up!.doc
Separation Techniques.doc
Chemical Engineering Career Exploration.pdf

Week 4/5
Career Exploration_Materials Scientist.pdf
Elements Required by Living Organisms.pdf
electronic breakthrough_nanotechnology.pdf
Ad For An Element.doc

Week 6
Sponge_Helium Balloons.doc
Periodic Table Message Board.doc

Week 7
Stategies in Physical Science: Pattern Recognition Missing File (/step/uploads/Strategies%20in%20%2A%2BPhysical%20Science.doc)
Matter Assessment.doc

Week 8
Chemistry and The Chemical Industry.doc
Chemical Industry.ppt
Bond with a classmate.doc
Bond With A Classmate Cards.pdf

Week 9
Baggie Chemistry.doc

Week 11
Physical Science Olympiad Files

Week 12

Week 13
How the Physics of Football Works.doc+

Week 16
EOCT Challenge.doc+

Spring Semester

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4
Spring Football Challenge.doc
Spring Football Challenge - part II-answer key.xls
Spring Football Challenge part II.xls

Week 5
Lets Practice Plotting Data.doc

Week 6
Inquiry Lab_Work and Power.doc
work and power spreadsheet.doc

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