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Archived Training Materials

2004 Summer Training Course Schedule

summer schedule--shortened for packet-revised.xls
Note that all classes unless otherwise noted below are in the CETL conference room: Tech Tower 17.
All microteaching sessions will take place in Skiles 270.

Agenda for May 17, 2004 ClassIntroduction and Administration.doc!IRB Information

Scenarios - Read and be ready to discuss on May 19, 2004:Human subjects scenarios 051403.docOngoing homework:IRB Homework Assignment 18 May 2004.doc!First Assignment: Given by David Shook, due May 20, 2004techniques assignment04.doc!Pedagogy PowerPoint (David Shook) May 18, 20pedagogy.ppt!Educational Technologyitresponses.doc=mcKeachie.ppt———————————-

Do's and Don'ts of working in schoolsSTEP Agenda 5-26.doc—————————————

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Reading and HW Assignment - due on May 27, 2004
(be sure to bring completed inventories with you to class!):Learning Styles HW 2004.doc!Agenda for May 27 and June 1, 2004 ClassesLearning Styles and Multiple Intelligences 052704.docHere is a link to Rich Felder's web page: is the link to Lois Breur Krause's web page:——————

Web page and picture assignmentwebpage assignment 052704.doc_————————–

Classroom Assessment Techniquesstep cat.ppt_————————–

Microteaching instructions and schedulemicroteaching.doc_————————–

June 10th Hand-outs

Parnership ActivitiesPartnership activities handout.docAction Plan InstructionsAction Plans.doc_————————–

Assignment Due July 132004 July Assignment STEP Fellows.doc!PowerPoint2004 July STEP How People Learn.ppt_————————–

Kamau Bobb's Discussion–June 11th

Powerpoint slideslandscape.pptJournal DescriptionThe Chastized and the Chastizer.doc_

Margaret Tarver's Process Skills PresentationGIFT 2003.ppt___

Lab report website

National Science and Mathematics Education StandardsNational Science Education Standards.doc___

National Science Teachers Association Science Standards web site Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Standards web site———————

The Equitable Classroom

Here is a link to a website that has online tutorials covering some of Virginia Valian's work on schemas:————————

Special Education

Here is the presentation from last summer. This year, Stephany Lyons visted and used the same presentation as the basis of the discussion on this topic.Finch GaTech presentation.ppt___

Inquiry Workshop Slides from Donna BarrettInquiry Workshop slides.ppt___

Problem Based Learning

Resource materials from Wendy Newstetter about PBL
PBL URL White PaperPBL white paper.docPBL Self and Peer Evaluation FormPBL Self and Peer Evaluation form.docEducational Psychology PaperPBL–Ed psych recycle.doc+