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Instructional technology contacts at CETL:
Melissa Bachman
Jennie Brown

STEP Resources on CETL site

CoWeb Documentation

Functionality Table

Elemental Food For Thought
Good activity for learning the names of the elements and their symbols by Daniel Moore
Elemental Food For Thought.doc

Interactive Applications by Zuley Clarke (2005)

PH Balance Interactive Exercise | phBalance.htm | pH_handout.doc

Decibel Scale Activity | decibelScale.htm

Free Fall Exercise | freeFall.htm

"Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
Paper that describes the program and how to edit it: Cochran.pdf
Powerpoint file: wwtbam.ppt

Geometry Review Jeopardy Game | jeopardy.htm
Elemental Food For Thought.doc

University of Pittsburgh's Organic Chemistry Index.htm