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Freshmen Seminar, GT1000, Teachers' Application, Returning Teachers


Returning Instructors

Completed application packets must contain:
1. _____ Signed Application with GTID#.
2. _____ Syllabus (Due no later than August 12 before start of fall semester)
3. _____ Supervisor's Signature (Application Form)

Application: GT ID # _____________________

Name:__________________________________________ Date: __________

Work Location at GT: ____________________________________________

Work Phone: ______________________________ Mail Code: ___________

Email: __________________________________________________________

How many semesters of the Freshmen Seminar have you taught?____________

Years at GT: ______ (All instructors must be beyond their first year of employment at Tech in order to be comfortable in their jobs and to have useful information to share with students.

Supervisor: (Where applicable)

I give permission for ______________________________ to teach a section of GT1000, understanding that teaching the class requires one hour per week for the class and one hour per week to meet with upper class team leaders, and additional class preparation time.

Supervisor's Signature: ________________________________________________