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Freshmen Seminar, GT1000, Teachers' Application, New Teachers

New Instructors

Completed application packets must contain:
1. _____ Signed Application with GTID#.
2. _____ Completed SACS form (For new GT1000 instructors. This is a one-time form unless you add an academic degree). This form is also called, Roster of Instructional Staff. The SACS form will be mailed to you via campus mail.
3. ______Official Transcript of Highest Degree Earned (Only for new teachers. The transcript must come to Success Programs:

Success Programs
Attn: Amy Stalzer
ISYE Annex
755 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0252

4. _____ Syllabus (Due no later than August 12 before start of fall semester)
5. _____ Supervisor's Signature (Application Form)
6. _____ Current Resume


GT ID # _____________________

Name:__________________________________________ Date: __________

Work Location at GT: ____________________________________________

Work Phone: ______________________________ Mail Code: ___________

Email: __________________________________________________________

Have you taught a Freshmen Seminar course at another institution:
____ Yes ____ No


Please explain:

Years at GT: ______ (All instructors must be beyond their first year of employment at Tech in order to be comfortable in their jobs and to have useful information to share with students.

Supervisor: (Where applicable)

I give permission for ______________________________ to teach a section of GT1000, understanding that teaching the class requires one hour per week for the class and one hour per week to meet with upper class team leaders, and additional class preparation time.

Supervisor's Signature: ________________________________________________

Education/Experience: (Use reverse side if needed)
Please list all college majors, degrees, and dates. If applicable, list education courses taken by general topic (example, ed psych).

Please list all relevant work experience; ie applicable to teaching GT1000.

The following skills and competencies are necessary for effective teaching as a GT1000 instructor. Please review each component carefully. Write an S for strong, M for moderate, and W for weak in the column on the right hand side of the table. This will help us in developing teacher training.

1I am competent in the use of communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills for groups such as a class and in media technology such as computing, using the web for instruction, and audio-visuals.______
2I have a lot of experience in supervising and monitoring students in various settings.______
3I am highly motivated, able to motivate others, and able to work independently.______
4I have presented, coached, taught, facilitated groups and set the tone for classes and groups.______
5I am comfortable in relating to 17-19 year olds.______
6I demonstrate effective time management skills, organization skills around management of groups and classes,and knowledge of group dynamics.______
7 I have knowledge of the curriculum content of the class and can evaluate the impact of teaching with students.______
8I understand differences in others and can facilitate interactions in a diverse classroom.______
9 I am familiar with the Honor Code and can provide fair and effective discipline and grading with my students.______

Applicant's Signature_______________________ Date:____________

Reflection Questions:

Please give some thought to the following statements and complete each one with as much information about yourself as possible.

New Instructors:

1. Please share your thoughts on what makes for an effective transition and adjustment from home and high school to college. As an instructor, how can you help in that transition?

New Instructors:
2. What are some of your biggest concerns regarding being a GT1000 instructor?