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Please fill in your name (and erase TLAB) for classes you can deliver the teacher appreication certificate/candy and the evaluation packet. Click on edit and then save.
BE SURE TO EMAIL THE TEACHER AND ASK IF THE CLASS WILL BE MEETING AT THE TIME AND PLACE ON THE SCHEDULE (field trips!). Co-Teachers each get a certificate and candy graham but only one packet of evaluations unless they teach multiple classes. Thanks, Paddy K

MondayCathy Carpenter11 amSkiles 171Jena Chang
MondayDana Hartley1 pmES&T L1116Rena Patel
MondayChuck Parsons (2 eval packets)3 pm223 Management, Tech SquareKevin
MondayColleen Terrell3 pmSkiles 168Whitney Vail
MondayGregory Corso3 pm254 Coon BldgLana Jones
MondayLakshmi Sankar4 pm244 GuggenheimAshley Johnson
TuesdayPhil Hurd10 amSkiles 168Ashley Johnson
TuesdayMaureen Kilroy10 amSkiles 171Ashley Johnson
TuesdayDavid White11 amCoC, 101Jeff Wei
TuesdayTeshia Roby12 noonSkiles 168Jena Chang
TuesdayEnid Steinbart12 noonSkiles 171Kevin
TuesdayLawrence Bottomley12 noon309 ArchitectureJes Park
TuesdaySandi Bramblett, Cassandra Spiller1 pmSkiles 171Kevin
TuesdayLeslie Madden1 pmSkiles 168Sidd Gaur
TuesdayMary Axford, Crystal Renfro2 pmSkiles 171Lana Jones
TuesdayMichael Cummins2 pm223 Management, Tech SquareAshley Johnson
TuesdayKelsey Fox2 pmSkiles 168Lana Jones
TuesdayKathy Tomajko3 pmSkiles 168Jeff Wei
TuesdayJane Weyant3 pmSkiles 249Lana Jones
TuesdayDebbie Dorsey3 pmCRC 249TLAB
TuesdayLori Critz4 pmSkiles 168TLAB
TuesdayBilliee Pendleton-Parker (3 eval packets)4:30Press Box A-B, Success CenterRichard Wright
WednesdayKirk Bowman9 amSkiles 168Jena Chang
WednesdaySherri Conway10 amSkiles 171Jena Chang
WednesdayTanah Barchichat11 amSkiles 168Whitney Vail
WednesdayBrett Hulst11 amSkiles 171Whitney Vail
WednesdayJC Lu11 amIC 217Rena Patel
WednesdayDoug Flamming11 amSkiles 146Whitney Vail
WednesdayDeborah Covin Wilson1 pmSkiles 168Jena Chang
WednesdayPete Ludovice1 pmES&T L1255Rena Patel
WednesdayLarry Jacobs1 pm316-SEBTLAB
WednesdayApril Goode2 pmCRC 249Lana Jones
WednesdayWillie Belton2 pm168 SkilesJeff Wei
WednesdayKristina Clement, Tobias Spears3 pmSkiles 168Jeff Wei
WednesdayAlex Becking3 pmSkiles171Jeff Wei
ThursdayNoelle York-Simmons10 amSkiles 108ATLAB
ThursdayBob Morton10 amSkiles 168TLAB
ThursdayPage King-Morton10 amSkiles 171TLAB
ThursdayJennifer Johnson10 amDM Smith, Rm. 11Ashley Johnson
ThursdayLisa Yaszek11 amSkiles 168Kevin
ThursdaySteve Barton12 noonSkiles 171Kevin
ThursdayAnn Pitini, Sheree Williams1 pmSkiles 171Shannon Cohen
ThursdayKirk McQueen1 pmCRC 249Jeff Wei
ThursdayRichard Barke1 pmSkiles 168Kevin
ThursdayJohn Stein2 pmSkiles 168Lana Jones
ThursdayMerideth Ray2 pmSkiles 171Sarah Hooson
ThursdayKasey Helton3 pmStudent Center 319Lana Jones
ThursdayLaura Powders, Vince Pedicino3 pmSkiles 171Jenn Tanner
ThursdayJung Choi, Lisa Adams4:30 pm320 Cherry EmersonKevin
FridayShannon Sullivan10 amSkiles 168Jena Chang
FridayCindy Jordin, Kirstin Young11 amSkiles 168Whitney Vail
FridaySteven Girardot12 noonSkiles 168Jena Chang