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Please type in your name and click on "Add to the Page" to let us know that you will be attending Teacher Training, June 27-June 28, 2006. We will be meeting at Timber Ridge Conference Center (, directions to be emailed nearer the date of training. Times: 8:30 to 4:30, continential breakfast, lunch, and those yummy, warm cookies in the afternoon, provided.
For more information, contact John Stein,,

Tanah L Barchichat
Bing Wang
Kirstin Young
Jeannie Downey
Jeannette L. Barnett
Sherri Conway
Kristina Clement
Susan Paraska
Tabitha Barnette
Jason Brennan
Mary Axford
Phillip Hurd
Enid Steinbart
Cindy Jordin
Kelsey Fox
John Stein
Kathy Tomajko
Crystal Renfro
Brian Mathews
Shannon Sullivan
Pamela Woods
Deborah Covin Wilson
Alana Zavett
Rosalind Meyers
Lori Critz - June 28 only
David Bamburowski
Jennifer Leavey, June 28 only
Daurette Joseph
James Pete
Shannon Scott
David White
Rick Clark
Amy Stalzer Sengupta