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Chat No. 1, August 29, 2003

Patricia Anne Kennington: Hi, welcome to the chat. We talk about using the BuzzPort course
page, suggestions for class activities, or whatever is of concern for you.
Patricia Anne Kennington: Hi Frank. All sorted out with the disc?
Frank Stanley: all disced up and raring to go, sent out the assignment before noon when i did a
class for letitia
Patricia Anne Kennington: Great. You seem to have gotten the chat down pat. Do you think you
might try it with your class?
Frank Stanley: how do i do that. just go to my section and same thing will happen because they are
listed.; also how do they get on the chat
Frank Stanley: or the question should be, how do they get into buzzport at my stop
Patricia Anne Kennington: Yes. Go to your class page and click on course chat. Your name will
appear as it does here. Tell the class to meet you in the chat room at a time and day. I would also
give them a topic to get things started.
Patricia Anne Kennington: The whole class can get to the chat because their names and
gtaccounts are loaded in by Banner.
Frank Stanley: dont they need password etc to get into the inner sanctum
Patricia Anne Kennington: Potentially all of you can meet (expect the team leaders, oh woe) at the
course page via the chat, email, and web message board.
Frank Stanley: gotcha but still confused as to how they get in to that particular page
Patricia Anne Kennington: No. the only password they need is the one attached to their gtaccount
and the only place they use that is when they log onto the page. There is no logging onto the
course page, chat, email, or web board. Just like you didn't log in except to get to BuzzPort.
Patricia Anne Kennington: The students are already on the page so to speak. So are you. Your
name and gt account along with all the names and gtaccounts of all the students are loaded onto
the page just waiting to be used.
Frank Stanley: so all i need to do is tell them where and what page to go to
Patricia Anne Kennington: When the students log onto BuzzPort, they see a tab, student resources.
When they click on that, all the course pages for their classes pop up. all they do is click on
Psych1000 Adjustments and the menu of web board message, email, course chat and one other
pops up. The click on course chat and that's all there is to it. Their names comes up in the same
column as yours is right now.
Patricia Anne Kennington: You do need to set a time, day, and chat topic to help focus the chat.
The chat topic could be just getting to know each other.
Frank Stanley: student resources tab, gotcha
Patricia Anne Kennington: That's right.
Patricia Anne Kennington: Have you tried posting anything to the web board?
Patricia Anne Kennington: You can also add links to the page also.
Frank Stanley: messed with it a little, put up a url and deleted it, will be going back and getting with
Patricia Anne Kennington: You could put the URL for your web site up on the page and maybe a
fun item like Access Atlanta or the zoo.
Frank Stanley: if i get this, it is possible to put an assignment there for their action, due date, etc
Frank Stanley: that would then be a clear visual that they understand and have done it
Patricia Anne Kennington: You mean on the web board. Yes. You can also have them post to the
web board. I am having one of my classes post to the web board with a plan to improve the Stinger.
Patricia Anne Kennington: Yes, unlike email that is deleted and forgotten. It is sort of between the
web page and email. and lots of flexibility.
Frank Stanley: wasnt darren supposed to join us or is that another time
Frank Stanley: sep 3 all of a sudden rings a bell
Patricia Anne Kennington: I didn't ask Darren to join this time but he is in the group and so got the
messages about today's chat. He is arranging for a face to face training for the week of Sept. 8.
And I will have chats often. I'll pin him down to a time. Posting this chat will help get others
including Darren involved.
Patricia Anne Kennington: Sept. 3 is next Wed.
Frank Stanley: so it will be week after
Patricia Anne Kennington: Yes, week after next. I thought that would be a good time after the dust
has settled and maybe we can get more people to come. Darren is arranging for a room. I'll post to
the list and the group as soon as I know. Maybe we can get more people to join the group. By the
way, I have not heard mention of the precious baby lately???
Frank Stanley: brett is doing very well. ready to play linebacker in football. he is a big kid. morgan is
progressing very well. gaining weight at a good clip. no major problems since the surgery. brett's big
sister, sarah is getting used to the divided attention. she talks to him all the time, teaching him about
things like condensation on the windows, or whatever she has mastered at this point.
Patricia Anne Kennington: Sounds like great fun. I have to deal with cool clothes and hair streaks
for a 12 year old. It's a different world.
Frank Stanley: hair streaks, what colors or is it just tinting light or darker.
Patricia Anne Kennington: It was lighter hair streaks not very dramatic but he loved it. I imagine he'll
get it done courtesy of grandma again. He did look good esp when he was sitting under the
Patricia Anne Kennington: well Frank looks like it is you and me. Got any other questions?
Frank Stanley: no, you were very helpful, i do appreciate it, want to call it a wrap of a chat so i can
go read cat in the hat tonight to my grandkids
Patricia Anne Kennington: Sure. Enjoy that cat. Talk later. Thanks for coming.
Frank Stanley: aloha