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For a quick overview, visit:
See Quick Links on the left hand side of the web site page for more information on Students' Rights, the Alcohol Policy, and Academic Integrity.

FERPA Legislation that protects students rights. Confidential information such as grades, social security numbers, and other sensitive information is protected by federal law. In spring, 2003, all social security numbers which are used as student ID's will not be available and another code number will be used instead.
So as teachers, you have a responsibility to protect your students' social security numbers, standardized test information such as the JVIS and the Strong, and research information such as the Psychology Department survey. This just means not leaving this information lying around where anyone can read it. The reason I have come to your classes to collect the Psych surveys is that it is not a good idea to send them through campus mail. The Psychology Department keeps them locked up. Here are two URLs with further information:

Buck Cooke, 894-9192,
can also answer questions on confidentiality and protecting students' rights.

Student Alcohol Policy
The Dean of Students' office is currently updating the Student Alcohol Policy. There is an interim policy in effect but I was not able to find it on-line. Questions about what is appropriate in regard to alcohol use can be directed to Dean Gail DiSabatino, 894-6367,

Georgia Tech complies with all federal, state, and local laws and policies, including the policies of the Board of Regents of the
University System of Georgia, on the abuse of alcohol and other drugs by its students. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Each member
of the Tech community should be involved in the implementation of the Student Alcohol Policy.
This policy is distributed via e-mail annually. In accordance with federal and state laws and because of the potential detriment to the health, well-being, and success of students, all students
are prohibited from engaging in the unlawful use or abuse, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and sale of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances (including marijuana), and
other drugs.

If you think a student is having a problem with alcohol abuse, please refer them to the Counseling Center. We are bound as teachers to support the policy on student alcohol abuse and to recognize, as I am sure all of you do, the real problem that alcohol poisoning and underage drinking poses to our students.

Honor Code
The Honor Code appears on-line at:

Honor Code violations should be referred to Dean Karen Boyd's office, 894-2564,
Erika Smith, 894-9190, is the Ethics Educator and can be of help in regard to the Honor Code also.