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UML Bibliography

Let's put together an annotated bibliography as we go...

UML Distilled - Applying the Standard Object Modeling Language
by Martin Fowler with Kendall Scott

Fowler's Appendix on Techniques and Their Uses

Alhir, Sinan Si. UML in a Nutshell. O'Reilly and Associates.

This book has a decent summary of all the standard UML notations. One of the notations we wanted to use, however, is only included in an appendix. Also, this book is in general not useful for someone wanting to learn actual processes to use for software design: this book is purely about notation.

The point has been raised that someone can probably pick up notation very quickly from a few examples, while processes are more subtle. This might not be the best book if you are only going to get one.

This book was also blasted by customer comments at the O'Reilly web site. They were all universally negative. Scratch this book from consideration at all.