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Bob Waters

Bob Waters is our local Software Engineering guru/Master of all things Great and Small who poses as a graduate student during waking hours so that he doesn't frighten everyone off.

The Bob Adequacy Criteria

Depth and quality of presentation materials
- Does the presenter have something besides a verbal discussion?
- Does the presenter have flow charts, graphs, and diagrams along
with the bulleted text?
- Does the presenter cite research in the slides?
- Did the presenter write code specifically to make a point
outlined by the presentation?
- Is a Powerpoint multimedia display with animations and sound present?
- Did Mike keep him from going first so the other students wouldn't be
intimidated into silence?

Project difficulty and Lines of code produced for that class session
- Were a 1000+ lines of code produced that week?
- Was it designed and engineered using good software engineering
- Did it use threads, macros, create class libraries, or something
of similar difficulty?
- Was it a program that most students would have ran from, screaming?
- How casually was the student able to describe the project?

Quality of research
- Did the student manage to read all the assigned papers?
- Did the student follow up on all the references in the assigned
- Did the student trace all the references back to the seminal papers?
- Is the student able to cite names, dates, and journal names
after only a week of research?

Adequacy measured as a % of a pre-defined Bob-level where Bob has met 100%
of the above criteria.

Usage is expressed as % Bob-adequate. (e.g. "I'm only 45% Bob-adequate
today. Mike's going to kill me.")

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