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SE Programs at Other Schools

Department of Software Development at Monash University,Australia

Griffith University

From: Daniel Thomas
Subject: This is what mine contains...
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 18:10:31 +1000

I am currently doing a Software Engineering degree at Griffith University
(Brisbane, Australia).

In our first year we did:
Physics, Maths (Calculus - full year),
Network Theory & Analysis (really simple electronics),
first and second level programming,
Digital Networks & Systems (Digital Logic) and a subject devoted to PSP
(this was REAL good).

In our second year (my current year) we have done:
Software Engineering I (a subject where we looked at developing small toy
programs, but using the Cleanroom Method of software development),
a programming subject involved heavily in abstraction and ADT's,
some mathematical logic,
Software Quality Principles (looking at increasing quality in software, we
looked at quality standards, and what makes quality software, quality
processes, we also did an assignment making our own quality standards -
based on the appendix of Deutsch and Willis? book, Software Quality
Engineering, all the bilities etc, we are currently working on a software
process assessment using the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
Recommended Approach to Software Development, Revision 3)
and we are also doing Project Management (basically management of projects,
life-cycle models, project planning etc.)

you can check out the course profile at: