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To Do List

To do list for MediaPedia:
  • Comprehensive documentation.
    • Overview of database design, already done in word format, albeit out of date.
    • Overview of generation of pages.
    • Clean up repeated functionality (such as putMusic, getName, etc. kinds of things.)
    • Break up into more files to help organize the functionality in a logical way.
  • PHP pages
    • Have the pages be generated by a sequence of function calls instead of coded onto the pages. This way we can make changes to shared components once instead of for each page. This has already been done with the login information and changes listing. It needs to be implemented for toolbar, tabs bar, and main content pane (possibly split up among several functions).
  • Changes
    • Limit the editing ability of non-signed in users to the discussion page and adding information. They should not be able to destroy information.
    • Give logged in users the ability roll back changes a la wikis.
  • Searching
    • Allow searching of Extensible Metadata. This is a significant design problem, see page Searching Extensible Metadata for information on ways to tackle it.
    • Make searches that come up with results that have similar information provide intelligent disambiguation and order the results in some logical and user modifiable way.
  • User Home pages.
    • Have the users able to create personalized homepages. Thinks userpages and talkback pages on the WikiPedia.
  • Administration tools.
    • There needs to be web interfaces to do the basic administrative tasks on the site such as:
      • Create new content (any form of media, collection, organization, etc)
      • Create, delete and ban users
      • Change basic library elements like the main page, and other important book-keeping information.
      • Maybe in the future, have a web interface used to define the way the information about the entries is presented instead of having it hardcoded in the PHP.