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Tips for Use

Here's what I've learned about using Wiki and Swiki. Please add yours!

My first stop is always to the Recent Changes. It lets me know immediately what's new, who's added things, etc.

When commenting on someone's essay, put four dashes on a line by itself to create a horizontal rule, put your comment afterward, then sign it – Mark Guzdial

Please feel free to edit anything and to make new pages!. Pages are cheap. Backups are plentiful. You can't screw things up (badly). – Mark Guzdial

Look at what others have written and how. Use the edit button often. It helps to get a handle on how to format text in Swiki.

If you come to a page that says "Describe PAGE TITLE here", it means that someone created the page, but didn't fill it in yet. Go ahead and start it! – Mark Guzdial