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SVO Collaboration Pages

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Welcome to the coweb for the CDrom, Griffith in Context: A Multimedia Analysis of The Birth of a Nation. This site has been created for the purpose of collaborating with a group of scholars across the country who are contributing scholarly voice-overs (SVOs) to Griffith in Context.

Index of Collaboration Pages

All Scholarly Voice Overs (SVOs) listed by scholar and topic, organized by clip number.

CLIP 1. Slave Quarters

CLIP 2. The Stoneman Household

CLIP 3. Attack on the Cameron Home

CLIP 4. The Wounding of Ben Cameron

CLIP 5. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

CLIP 6. The House of Representatives

CLIP 7. Flora Cameron in Peril

CLIP 8. Lynch's Proposal

CLIP 9. The Besieged Cabin

Listed by scholar name.

  • Roberta Pearson

  • Gregory Waller

  • Robert Allen

  • Tom Gunning

  • Anna Everett

  • Charles Musser

  • Adam Knee

  • Jane Gaines

  • Thomas Elsaesser

  • Sarah Projansky

  • Jackie Stewart

  • Lauren Rabinovitz

  • Marsha Kinder

  • Henry Jenkins

  • Tara McPherson

  • Chon Noriega

  • Kathleen McHugh

  • Lisa Cartwright

  • Chuck Maland

  • Daniel Bernardi

  • Matthew Bernstein

  • Frank Tomasulo

  • Yuri Tsivian