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Document Server

Document Server Categories

[Thumbnail] [Bookmark] [Document Name] [Media Type] [Date of Creation] [Viewed Y/N]

All headings above except Thumbnail can be clicked to recategorize alphabetically (except for 'yes' will come before 'no' and bookmarked items will be listed before unbookmarked).

Name will always be used as a secondary ordering device, i.e., bookmarked items appear listed in alphabetical order by name followed by unbookmarked items in alphabetical order.

[Thumbnail] a thumbnail image of the item in close enough detail to get some legibility
[Bookmark] a toggle button that looks like a checkmark, which comes up everytime a document slides into view within a scholarly voice-over
[Document Name] should be unique
[Media Type] photograph, letter, telegram
[Date of Creation] as best approximated
[Viewed Y/N] has the user already encountered the document within the scholarly voice-overs? (Y/N)

Any place on the row can be clicked to open the document.

Ways to access the document server:
  • From a Customized Menu at the top of the screen (next to the Apple Menu) which would include

    • Archive (names are tentative)

      • Editing Exercises (with submenu listing their names)
      • Scholarly Voice-overs (with submenu listing their names)
      • Themes Cards (with submenu listing their names)
      • Document Server (with no submenu)

    • Path (indicating where you've been)
    • Quit (and maybe Volume and/or Credits)

  • From a Scholarly Voice-Over: any time a document comes up it will have a document tag at the bottom that includes the toggle bookmark (mentioned above) and the Name of the Document.

    • Bookmark will put a check mark by the name of the document when the document server is accessed
    • Clicking the name of the document will stop the scholarly voice-over and open the full-screen document via a MIAW (we have to find out more about what types of controls work with MIAWs; we would want to have the scholarly voice-over stop but restart once the MIAW with the document was closed–or would we simply have a pause/restart button with pause automatically triggered with the click that opens the MIAW document?)

Possible Functionality of the Document Server

  • Ideas from Bill and Ed's project?
  • A separate MIAW for each document type (photograph, letter, etc.) allowing for a type of navigation appropriate to the document type (turning pages, scrolling, etc.). In other words, at any one time you might have a window open for every document type, but if you clicked on a photograph when you already had a different photograph open in the MIAW, it would switch out rather than opening up a new window.
  • Accessing the document server from the customized menu (at the Apple Menu level) will open up the list and clicking on any row in the list will open up the MIAW (in the same way that a MIAW opens up from the scholarly voice-over)
  • The timeline would only be available if you were in clip view mode
    (time trigger mode) or in the category main page. Otherwise it would be a greyed out item.

Xtras Ideas
  • MasterApp allows you to open up Adobe Acrobat from within Director. Some of the documents might be best read within an Acrobat format that allows zooming and page turning. ($299)
  • Popup Xtra creates hierarchical popup menus. ($299)