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Calendar of Milestones

October 28-30. Presentation of Griffith in Context within Artists Salon at Digital Arts and Culture Conference.

  • scholarly voice-over example on parallel editing within clip 3: Filmic Technique
  • full functionality for clip 3 editing exercise
  • completed editing engine with mask, sound, and tint capabilities
  • instruction overlay screens for filmstrip and editing exercise
  • copyright applied for

August 23. Summer Officially Ends.

  • integration of editing engine and graphic interface/filmstrip functionality
  • rough draft of content and filmstrips for editing exercise in clip 3
  • research conducted on MIAWs and Xtras to determine needs and functionality fo Document Server
  • reminder sent out to board members regarding their confirmation
  • storyboards for all components
  • DWG papers ordered after viewing index (and other Special Collections as well)