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Library of Congress

Images available through the Library of Congress

  • ES.LC.IM.1
    8th Wonder of the World color movie poster

  • ES.LC.IM.2-4 (NAACP Photo Files)
    picketing of screenings of Birth of a Nation
    best image = picketing at Republic Theater, NY
    (negative numbers don't match with what is in finder's aid)

  • ES.LC.IM.5 (NAACP Photo Files)
    "A man was lynched yesterday." NAACP's anti-lynching campaign

  • ES.LC.IM.6 (NAACP Photo Files)
    Waco, TX lynching

  • ES.LC.IM.7 (NAACP Photo Files)
    South Carolina Legislature after war

  • ES.LC.IM.8 (NAACP Photo Files)
    once burned cross; KKK activities

  • ES.LC.IM.9 (NAACP Photo Files)
    KKK motorcade to Stone Mountain, 1956

  • ES.LC.IM.10 (Mary Pickford Biography File)
    Various publicity photos available (none explicitly linked to BofAN)

Videotapes and Sound Recordings available at the Library of Congress

  • ES.LC.VT.1
    Karl Brown's adventures with D. W. Griffith

  • ES.LC.SR.1
    Birth of a Nation Symposium (1994)
    the propaganda and historical distortions about African Americans that are contained in the film and their lasting impact on American society

Newspaper Articles and Periodicals

  • The Imperial Night-Hawk

    • ES.LC.NA.1
      Sordid Story of Girls' Shame Causes Klan At Shreveport to Plan Protestant Refuge

    • ES.LC.NA.2
      How Crooked Officials, Bootleggers, And Law Violators Oppose Progress of Klan

    • ES.LC.NA.3
      Stone Mountain, on Whose Lofty Crest the Klan Was Organized Eight Years Ago

    • ES.LC.NA.4
      The Klan Oath

    • ES.LC.NA.5
      Imperial Palace is Center of National Klan Activities

    • ES.LC.NA.6
      Founder of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

    • ES.LC.NA.7
      The Blood of White America Must Be Kept Pure and Uncontaminated

    • ES.LC.NA.8
      newspaper clipping with photo and headline "Ten Thousand Kansas City Klansman Salute Imperial Wizard"

    • ES.LC.NA.9
      A Tribute And A Challenge To The Wonderful Womanhood of America

    • ES.LC.NA.10
      Thousands Rally to the Klan in Texas

  • Kourier Magazine

    • ES.LC.MG.1
      Twin Pillars of Americanism: Washington and Lincoln

    • ES.LC.MG.2
      The Race Question

    • ES.LC.MG.3
      The Negro–His Relation to America

Telegraphs and Other Manuscript Materials

  • ES.LC.TG.1
    Telegraph from Griffith to Marsh, Cooper, Sampson

  • ES.LC.PM.1
    Birth of a Nation Pamphlet