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Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta Journal

  • ES.AH.NA.1
    Birth of a Nation Sweeps Big Audience Like a Tidal Wave

  • ES.AH.NA.2
    School Children Should See Birth of a Nation

  • ES.AH.NA.3
    Ad announcing screening of Birth of A Nation

  • ES.AH.NA.4
    Great Houses Expected for Birth of a Nation

  • ES.AH.NA.5
    And when it was over they weren't raging with hate, but were sweetened with a purer understanding

  • ES.AH.NA.6
    still from film with announcement about appearance at the Atlanta

KKK Subject File (Mostly Newspaper Clippings)

  • ES.AH.NA.7
    Ad for Ku Klux Klan Rally
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.8
    Image of Burning Cross
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.IM.1
    Klan Day Poster available from Atlanta History Center

  • ES.AH.IM.2
    Sketch of Room in which the Klan was Founded

  • ES.AH.NA.9
    Atlanta was Scene of Rebirth
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.10
    Georgia's Klan Flames Again
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.11
    Imperial Wizard Venable Tells About the Way It Used To Be In The KKK
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.12
    Klan Slides To the Left At Mountain
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.13
    I Remember the KKK From Way Back When
    Atlanta Constitution

  • ES.AH.NA.14
    Fire on the mountain
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • ES.AH.CR.1
    Congressional Record–100th Anniversary of the KKK

  • ES.AH.PM.1
    The Fallacy of the Atlanta Origin of the KKK