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Contributor Notes

From Greg [8/2]

  • You certainly did make progress. I have read over the coweb additions throughly, so I should be fairly well up to speed for tommorrow. I am anxious to see the transitions Patrick has worked on and of course the editing engine. I also liked the preliminary suggestions about the timeline; whoever had the idea of using the filmstrip functionality there made a great suggestion.

    I will be there at 10am tommorrow with bagels in hand.

From Ellen [8/1]

  • Hey Greg. I hope the cruise was fun. It seems like we made some progress while you were gone. Hopefully you can use the coweb to catch up a bit now that you're back. On Tuesday, we'll have lots of stuff to show you, as well as lots of planning to do (since the summer is winding down to a close and since next week won't be super productive due to Con Ed stuff). Jason's editing engine works really well. Although I haven't had a chance to look at it, his second version integrated some sound, tinting, and masking (iris shot) capabilities. Patrick has been working on integrating the functionality of Jason's editing engine into our interface. We've also been having some After Effects and Photoshop fun while you've been gone–me working on a stage and roving spotlights preceding the premiere of the finished editing exercise and Patrick working on some groovy transitions moving from filmstrip view (time trigger mode) to category main page and from there to the scholarly voice-overs. I ordered a bunch of stuff from ILL, but we'll have to wait to see if it is any good. I'm waiting to get an article of Kathleen McHugh's that will be great for an analysis of Lydia cleaning (or not cleaning as the case may be). Although her book should be out soon, I'm thinking that we should contact Kathleen to try to get a copy of the two Birth of A Nation chapters. I put you down for bagels on Tuesday. Also, if you want to have a working lunch some time this week, I discovered a great place on Howell Mill within a hopefully rejuvenating area. It's a wonderful little place that might go out of business if more people don't happen upon it.

From Ellen [7/30]

  • I added to Patrick's descriptions of the editing exercises to reflect further thoughts on the subject as a way of preparing to assemble the footage for the editing exercises.

From Ellen [7/18 7pm, updated 7/22]:

  • I thought that we could use this section for temporary communications between us while we're engaged in adding to the coweb in between our meetings.

  • If anyone wants to add their contact info for easy access, I've provided a section called Design Group Contact Info. Also indicate the color that you've chosen for your communications by putting you name in this color. Any comments on the preliminary titles for Jason and Jill that I've added here?

  • Jill, if you have any more details to add to the descriptions of the editing exercise that Patrick has put into the coweb, we might want to further flesh these out while our recent conversations are still fresh in our memory.

  • I used the method we discussed for adding theme card suggestions – adding them to the clip analysis section but then copying them over to a higher level directory with all of the theme cards. I added some extra instructions here too. See if this makes sense.

  • At some later point, someone else can go through the continuity script and add any other intertitles that we might want to have stills of (once we know more about what type of stuff we're including in the voice-overs).