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Ideas to follow up in the search for a historian

Would Gus Giebelhaus or Edward Ayers be able to provide us with possible names?

Some ideas from Charles Maland:

"I wonder if you might contact James Cobb at the University of Georgia, a former colleague of mine at Tennessee. He's a highly respected Southern historian, and he knows a lot of folks in the field."

Peter Rollins at Oklahoma State is also a person with many contacts among American historians. He edits FILM AND HISTORY, and he may
also have some suggestions."

>Hi Ellen. I am responding to your letter of July 16th. First,
>congratulations for getting the grant. Secondly, yes I would like to
>continue on the advisory board.Third, I would like to propose a qualified
>historian for your board–Steve Ross from the History Dept at USC who
>writes on early cinema and who has been involved in making hypertexts to
>deal with exactly what you are doing–contextualizing these films within
>the larger social/economic/historical framework.
>Regards, Marsha