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Next meeting's agenda

On-going issues:

  • updating of Griffith public website to include NEH and Patrick (Patrick)
  • Greg has ftp access to website?
  • make quicktimes for all clips once hard drive is here and laserdisc player is in video lab
  • progress of confirmations from board members (see Confirmation and responses)–reminder sent out?
  • fixing of cabinet before hard drive arrives and duplicate key–Patrick
  • interface copyright–GT offices contacted for more information–see email from Terry
  • meeting with Daniel Hickey–Ellen will follow-up
  • screening of Symbol of the Unconquered with Turner–contact Mike Merrill for a contact name?–Ellen
  • change names of clips and corresponding images on the clip selection page (now that we've change which clips we're using)–Ellen
  • change names of time triggers so they wrap onto second line–Greg
  • theme card design
  • integration of editing engine and continued work on time trigger prototype

    • transitions:

      • moving to scholarly voice-over (temporarily shelved until we have an example scholarly voice-over)

        • from category main page (from blurred to twisting film strip–looking good–script to be added to prototype)

          • start twisting animation from blurring's end point
          • squish category titles before twisting begins

        • from time trigger mode (from non blurred to blurred to twisting)–will we have to speed up the blurring here so that this transition doesn't take too long?

          • squish category titles before blurring and before twisting begins

      • moving to editing exercise (temporarily shelved until we have a working prototype of the editing exercise)

        • from category main page (from blurred to sliding in controls);
        • from time trigger mode (starting from non-blurred state going to blurred to sliding in controls)
        • the addition of the squishing category titles (before any filmstrip animation) in both the above cases

    • functionality issue 1: in order to return to clip view from category main page click on "clip 3" button–returns to beginning of clip
    • align right corner of time code tags to the end of the longest line in the time trigger title
    • add additional line to Editing Exercise (there will be a goal listed rather than the scholar's name)

On-going issues temporarily put off:

  • continuing Skia issues?
  • cross-platform fonts
  • timeline design ideas–temporarily shelved until a later date at which time alternate designs will be proposed

Tuesday,September 7

Review on-going issues.
Discuss future meeting schedule due to Friday conflicts.
Discuss independent study.
Research update.
Plan for netting us a few historians.
Progress on planning for scholarly voice-overs.
SCS plans.