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Theme cards

After defining a salient theme in a particular clip, copy these references here, so that we can achieve a better sense of what subjects would make the best thematic axes for traversing the environment.

When adding to this list, be sure that you are not repeating a theme. Instead of one theme appearing on this list multiple times, a theme should be listed once with multiple clip numbers listed afterwards. If theme names are relatively similar, group them together as you see below so that we can choose exact wording at a later date.

Griffith's Editing Techniques: CLIP 3,
Griffith's Use of Parallel Editing: CLIP 3,
Griffith's Use of Contiguous Spaces: CLIP 3,

Knowing One's Place: CLIP 3,
Social Stratification and the African-American: CLIP 3,
"Good" and "Bad" Black Characters: CLIP 3,

Penetration and the Chase: CLIP 3,
Penetration and Domestic Space: CLIP 3,
Domestic Space and Violation: CLIP 3,
Rape in the Dixon Novels: CLIP 3,
"A Fate Worse Than Death": CLIP 3,

The Protection of Southern Womanhood: CLIP 3,
Woman as Symbol of Southern Way of Life: CLIP 3,

Class Discourse in the South: CLIP 3,
Class and Race: CLIP 3,
Southern Aristocracy: CLIP 3,

Military Conduct: CLIP 3,