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SVO Construction II

  • Arrange meeting with Sharp and McMath
  • Get and distribute student testing forms if required
  • Convert SVO to template
  • Fill in blanks on priority list
  • Should we put in a disable function for the theme cards?
  • Finish audio editing
  • Work on SVO Batch Two

  • Change SVO template to Director 8
  • Continue communication with spring testers
  • Order CDs
  • Assist Patrick in converting files to Real Audio
  • Assist Jeannie with photoshop actions
  • Assist Jeannie with bringing graphics into the template files
  • SVO Construction
  • Editing Exercises
  • Spillover tasks from last week...
    • Continue communication with spring testers
    • Set up meeting with CoC person
    • Work on editing exercises
    • Convert template into Director 8

  • Contingent on other's progress...
    • Run through SVO Content Brainstorm list, filling in content/captions, quality control sweep, etc.
    • Tweak quote cards and info cards in Sue's "Questionable" folder
    • Make Flash triggers for Dixon quotes, once received from Greg
    • Work with Jeannie on batch actions within Photoshop
    • Work with Sue on quote cards
    • Work with Sue on capturing video

  • Burn to CD for PC testing
  • SVO Construction
  • CD Labels

  • Bring graphics into director files and place appropriately in casts
  • Perform batch actions on documents
  • Update spreadsheet as necessary
  • Create film loops for captions

  • Quote Cards
    • Digitize video from BOAN
      • Use Patrick's list, the Lang book, BOAN laserdisc, and machine set up in the video lab
      • Use the basic dimensions of the "laugh" quicktime used in Ellen's SVO
      • Compress using Media Cleaner Pro (use the Sorenson codec?)
      • Within Media Cleaner Pro, add contrast and brightness to look decent on a PC
      • Store in a folder labeled RollOverQTs within Titanium > Griffith > Assembly Pieces

    • Reorder priority list
    • Copy images over to SVO folders and resize copies if necessary
    • Reorder Sue's list of QTs according to priorities
    • SVO Construction
    • Post Real Audio

    Ellen and Greg
    • Prioritize SVOs
    • Identify content gaps in SVOs
    • Time trigger integration
      • Figure out entrance/exit times for triggers
      • Figure out screen position of time triggers
      • Alter code to fit in time triggers
      • Disable buttons during video playback

    SVO Batch Two (bringing the more recently edited SVOs to the same state as the first set of SVOs)
    • Prioritize SVOs
    • Get photos from scholars
    • Get audio and name/title listing approved
    • Make scholar ID tags
    • Make time triggers
    • Integrate time triggers into main interface
    • Design content brainstorming and research on coweb
    • Prep images for integration
    • Add new images to the spreadsheet
    • Import images into the casts

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