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August/September Task List

Week by Week Schedule

Labels to go on 3-CD sets
  • investigate low-cost option for laser printable labels at Office Depot (Michael)
  • design black and white label that makes sense with the design of labels wrapped around edges (Michael)

Design for printing on CD itself
  • investigate cost of slightly different labels for the installer CD, etc. (Ellen)
  • look at discmakers site to see the format (Michael)
  • contact discmakers to confirm exact format (CMYK? ai?) for image (Michael)
  • create the design (Michael)

Credit Sequence
  • Come up with titles and thanks to be included (Ellen and Greg)
  • Create design (Michael)
  • Integrate into the director files (Michael)

Change Intro and Editing Exercise Spotlights to Flash (Ellen)

Identify content gaps in SVOs (Ellen and Greg)

SVO Sound Recording
  • Frank Tomasulo (Ellen)
  • Deborah Grayson (Sue)
  • Kavita Philip (Jeannie)
  • more from Bob McMath? (Greg)
  • Jay Telotte? (Ellen)
  • Ellen Strain (Jeannie)
  • Greg VanHoosier-Carey (Sue)

SVO Sound Editing
  • Greg
    • 9-10 scholars

  • Ellen
    • Paul Young
    • Henry Jenkins
    • Charlene Regester
    • Jane Gaines
    • Matthew Bernstein

Fall training session
  • get confirmation from instructor-evaluators for November 18
    Confirmations received from:
    • Deborah Barker
    • Paul Young
    • Ted McCosky
    • Marty Norden
    • Jan Olsson
    • Eunice Johnston
    • Daniel Bernardi

  • Awaiting final confirmations from
    • Maureen Furniss (question about spring teaching assignment)
    • Kate Bowles (travel concerns from Australia)
    • Frank Tomasulo (no response yet)

  • meet with Dan Hickey to discuss revised rubric and goals of training session
  • send out materials to participants, regarding airport transportation, lodging, etc.
  • arrange catering
  • estimate budget
  • decide on honorarium amount
  • draw up schedule
  • arrange rooms

Catalog cross-platform and Director 8 issues
  • over next couple of weeks, find time in the Con Ed lab (Michael)
  • early September check (Michael)
  • mass reduction of jpeg quality in response to file size issues?

Acquire multiple CD burner and commercial copy of Director
  • follow up with Jeana (awaiting account number, followed by bidding wait time)
  • purchase commercial copies: $999 X 2

Construct additional editing exercises (between 3 and 9 of them) (Ellen and possibly Michael)

Locate a decompressor utility for CD-ROM (Ellen and Greg)
  • After determining compression rate, choose which quicktime versions to use.
  • meet with Jeana to involve her in software choice (take into account larger LCC needs)
  • experiment with demo versions

Meet with PL to discuss list of questions
  • integration of time triggers

Get photos of scholars, confirm their titles, and get approval for the audio
Currently, we have approvals for 57 of the 76 edited SVOs and photos/titles for 46 of the 76 edited SVOs.

Assembling the pieces to construct the SVO files:
  • Make Scholar ID tags for audio not yet approved.
  • Locate more images for inclusion.
  • Pull and insert more quotes.
  • Solicit input from scholars as necessary
  • Adjust template for inclusion of theme cards. (Greg)
  • Putting times to the triggers, positioning them on the page.
  • Make decisions about theme cards.

Detailed version of preparation for SVO construction:
  • Test out template using Greg's SVO (Patrick)
  • Make spreadsheet with list of images
  • Construct quote cards
  • Prepare graphics with black background, etc.
  • Construct captions