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Welcome to the collaborative website for Griffith in Context: A Multimedia Exploration of "The Birth of a Nation". This site is used by the primary designers of Griffith in Context to organize production efforts.

The overarching goal of our project is to help students in film studies, American history, and cultural studies understand the important and incendiary nature of "The Birth of a Nation" by situating it in its cultural context. Leveraging the capabilities of a multimedia format, Griffith in Context aims to forge points of contact between the artifact and its cultural associations, offering its audience the ability to move directly from film clips into a historical and analytical framework that makes their impact more tangible.

The project promises to spur a dynamic and broad-ranging intellectual exchange in which we hope you will participate. One of the ways in which you can do this is through this collaborative web space, which utilizes a new technology created by Georgia Tech colleague Mark Guzdial. As a visitor, you can not only keep up to date with our project designs and discussions, but also directly add feedback and annotations to the website itself.

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