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Archive, 26 September

Pg 4, At A Glance:
  • Need "Break - Location:" in front of updated Saturday & Sunday break locations

Pg 7, Best Of:
  • Switch order of two honorable mention notes: not all sharing and leveraging digital backchannels (realphabetize with updated author order)

Pg 8, Workshops:
  • Format of all affiliations on this page should be changed from "Name, Affiliation" to "Name (Affiliation)"

Pg 21, Technical Program:
  • Same two comments from yesterday. It looks like you jumped into the second but forgot the first (which should impact the second)
    • panelists for Ethnography panel should read:
      • Geraldine Fitzpatrick (University of Sussex)
      • David Randall (Manchester Metropolitan University)
      • Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine)
      • Kjeld Schmidt (IT University of Denmark)
      • Richard Harper (Microsoft Research)
    • The best paper icon is a tight squeeze here with the header bar. Is there any way to play with the spacing (in either column) to give the icon a little more white space? (Actually, this might fix itself when we add in the panelists in the left column ...if you could keep an eye on how this falls out, that'd be great)

Pg 24, Technical Program:
  • Order of papers in referential communication session should be: the mystery, homenote, and then where's the party (papers got mixed around when you pulled the panel out of here yesterday)
  • Need update for new games panelists

Pg 31, Conference Information:
  • Need S on front of first word in text for internet access