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Archive, 21 September

21 September Draft of Conference Program: 1471 CSCW06 program V6.pdf

  • Check on the overhang of the mountain lines in the logo

Pg 2, Welcome Letter:

Pg 3, Table of Contents:
  • General formatting wierdness...

Pg 4, At A Glance:
  • Reception location should be: "Cascade, Conservatory, New Brunswick and Riverview Lounge"
  • Breaks should all just read "Break" consistently

Pg 5, At a Glance:
  • Breaks should all just read "Break" consistently
  • The conference reception doesn't start until 18:30
  • Ordering of technical sessions on Wednesday should be consistent with previous days: session in Alberta first, session in New Brunswick second, and session in Cascade third
  • Need to fix schedule on Wednesday afternoon:
    • session after lunch is from 14:30-15:45
    • break is from 15:45-16:15
    • closing plenary is from 16:15-17:45

Pg 6, Sponsors:

Pg 7, Best of CSCW Awards:
  • Move "Identification of Coordination Requirements" and "tagging, communities, vocabulary, evolution" to best paper slots
  • Move "Sanboxes" to best note slot
  • No caps in title of "tagging, communities, vocabulary, evolution"

Pg 9, DC:
  • Replace entire M. Cameron Jones entry with: "Designing Technology to Support Information Flow for Asynchronous Co-located Medical Shift Work" Charlotte Tang (University of Calgary)

Pg 11, Tutorials:
  • Period after T6

Pg 13, Demonstrations:
  • Add day and time header Monday 16:30-20:00 Location is Alberta, Cascade, & Riverview Lounge

Pg 15, Demonstrations:
  • Replace first ? with ' in "What's your lab doing in my pocket"

Pg, 16-17 Interactive Posters:
  • More last minute changes to authors & affiliations than it makes sense to list here. Also, half a dozen or so posters are completely missing from this program draft. We will completely replace the content of the current page with the following text: cscw06 posters.doc

Pg 20-25, Throughout the Technical Program:
  • Replace best paper/note nominee text with appropriate best/honorable mention icons

Pg 20, Technical Program
  • Need panelists for implications for design

Pg 21, Technical Program
  • "Bridging the Diaster.." panelists should read:
    • Leysia Palen (University of Colorado)
    • Sara Kiesler (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Morten Kyng (University of Aarhus)
    • David MendonÁa (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
    • Dennis Wenger (Texas A&M University)

Pg 22, Technical Program
  • No caps in title of "tagging, communities, vocabulary, evolution"

Pg 23, Technical Program:
  • Add plenary panel participants:
    • Irene Greif (IBM Research)
    • Jonathan Grudin (Microsoft Research
    • Thomas Malone (Massachussetts Institute of Technology
    • Judith Olson (University of Michigan)
    • Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University)

Pg 24, Technical Program:
  • Correct Collaborative Software Engineering panelists are:
    • David F. Redmiles (University of California, Irvine)
    • James D. Herbsleb (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Li-Te Cheng (IBM Research)
    • Daniela Damian (University of Victoria)
    • Wendy Kellogg (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Pg 31, Conference Information:
  • Need text for internet access
  • Need text for video kisosk