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CSCW 06 Program Swiki

Note: This page is no longer current

Current Draft of Conference Program: v10

Following is a compiled list of issues to be fixed in the above draft of the conference program.

Pg 13, Demos:
  • First paper, Collaborative Interaction, fifth author, Andre, needs an accent on the e in Andre: André Miede
  • Need hypen in "Wikilike" (second from bottom) title, should read: "Wiki-like"

Pg 21, Technical Program:
  • Affiliations of ethnography panel participants need to be in italics
  • Somehow the ethnography panelists have their names duplicated under the reception timeslot later in the same column. Those need to be deleted.
  • Please watch the white space around the best paper icon as text shifts around here

Pg 22, Technical Program:
  • 11:00 session lost its Tuesday header

Pg 24, Technical Program:
  • Games panel participants. Delete Matthew Chalmers & Barry Brown and add "Lars Erik Holmquist (Viktoria Institute)" w/ affiliation in italics

Pg 30, About the Area:
  • Needs to have the same header formatting as the facing page.

Pg 31, Period after sentence in Maps section

Archive, 21 September - draft & issues to be fixed
Archive, 22 September - draft & issues to be fixed
Archive, 25 September - draft & issues to be fixed
Archive, 26 September - issues to be fixed