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Fall 2006 Schedule

If you would like to present your work one week, please sign up here :)

September 1No Meeting
September 8 Jenn-Yeu Chen
"Human Artifacts, Language-Dependent Processing, and the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis"
TSRB 132
September 15 Michael Hoffman
"The quartiadic structure of shared intentionality and communication: A semiotic model of cognitive systems"
TSRB 223
September 22 Ellen Do TSRB 132
September 29 No official talk, GVU is hosting Fernando Flores TSRB Auditorium (1st floor)
October 6 Chris Crew TSRB 223
October 13 Janet Murray TSRB 223
October 20 Ashok Goel
What kind of information processing is cognition?
TSRB 223
October 27 David Minnen TSRB 223
November 3 Janet Kolodner TSRB 223
November 10 Sanjay Chandrasekharan TSRB 223
November 17 Andrea Scarantino TSRB 223
November 24 No meeting - Thanksgiving!
December 1 Ann Bostrom
"Lead is like mercury: Risk comparisons, analogies and mental models"
TSRB 223
December 8 David Leuszler and Kenneth Czechowski TSRB 223
December 15 No meeting - Finals Week