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CogSci People

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I think I'm sortof in charge, administratively. So, please fill my inbox with your questions ;) I am the weirdo in my lab (the AI lab) because I (1) don't have a regular computer and (2) I'm not especially interested in AI. I'd rather haul around my pretty little powerbook than have one of those sun monstrosities taking up space and I'm more interested in Sociology, Anthropology, and HCI than writing computer programs ;) My desk does, however, have two plants, rainbow folders, lots of colored pencils, sociology books, cognitive science books, ethnography books, and philosophy books. I am ammused by colored pens, taking pictures, backpacking, hiking, camping, and lately, ultimate frisbee. I work with Nancy & Wendy, studying cognition in biomedical engineering labs, and I've been around doing the CogSci thing at Georgia Tech for quite a few years now.
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Hello! I am a second-year MSCS student working with Janet Kolodner in the LBD (Learning by Design) group. My research entails exploring various learning mechanisms used by learners as they take on the role of scientific reasoners in an 8th grade classroom environment. Currently, I am working on visual representations that model the progress of a classroom discourse during a poster session. I also have a great interest in HCI and human factors, learning about how to design systems with the user and human capabilities/limitations in mind. I received my BS in CS here at Tech and hold a minor in Cognitive Science as well. I love art, dancing, being at the beach, and learning about designing systems that meet users' needs and expectations.
Janet KolodnerHi. You might want to look at my out-of-date home page: I'm delighted we have a cog sci discussion group again. I created the first of these in Atlanta along with Larry Barsalou at Emory (psych) back in 1982 or 1983. Formal programs or not, Atlanta has been a good place for cognitive science for a long time. ;-) (i copied this over from your page on the schedule -ellie)