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Official Cognitive Science Web Page:

Relevant Journals

Cognitive Science
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Minds and Machines
Artifical Intelligence
Cognitive Systems Research
Journal of experimental & theoretical artificial intelligence

Upcoming Events

GSU "Brains and Behaviors" Lectures
Jesse Prinz The Emotional Basis of Morals Thurs 9/30/2004
Valerie Hardcastle It's All in the Head: What Imaging Studies Really Tell Us about Pain Thurs 10/21/2004
Eddy Nahmias Free Will, Knowledge, and the Threat of Social Psychology
Aderhold Learning Center (GSU), rm31
Thurs 1/13/2004
Ned Block Two Neural Correlates of Consciousness Thurs 2/10/2005
Paul Churchland Impossible Colors: Some Unexpected Predictions from Cognitive Neuroscience Concerning the Human Visual System Thurs 2/24/2005
Paul Churchland Functionalism at Forty: A Critical Retrospective Fri 2/25/2005
William Bechtel Mental Mechanisms Thurs 4/7
Jerry Fodor Concepts Fri 9/30/2005

Invited speakers at Georgia Tech
David Kirsh
University of California - San Diego
Routines, Cost Structure and the Design of Environments Fri 3/11/2005 12:00pm
MaRC 114
David Aha
Naval Research Lab
Learning to Win Fri 4/15/2005 12:00pm
MaRC Auditorium
Jean Lave Everyday Life and Changing Practice Thu 4/21/2005 4:00pm
ES&T rm L1205

Introductory/Interesting Cognitive Science Reading

Informal Discussions and Mentoring

Several students requested a mentoring system or some other forum for discussion outside of the colloquium. I thought we could try using the swiki as support. Please add questions or dicussion topics at the following page and feel free to send a related email to any of the students listed at the bottom:
Cogsci Discussions

Reading Group Schedule (Fall 2005)

Sep 21 | Michael Posner, Gregory DiGirolamo; Cognitive Neuroscience: Origins & Promise
Oct 05 | Marc Brysbaert, Wim Fias, Marie-Pascale Noel; The Whorfian hypothesis and numerical cognition: is ‘twenty-four’ processed in the same way as ‘four-and-twenty’?

Reading Group Schedule (Spring 2005)

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1/21 Ten years of the rational analysis of cognition
by Chater & Oaksford
TSRB 222
2/4 Two Neural Correlates of Consciousness ( alternate version)
by Ned Block (speaking at GSU on 2/10)

Background reading on consciousness:
TSRB 222
2/18 Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience (perspectives.pdf)
by Patricia Churchland and Terrence Sejnowski
Funcitonalism: Sec 2.4 from Matter and Consciousness (functionalism.pdf)
by Paul Churchland (speaking at GSU on 2/24 & 2/25)
TSRB 222
3/4 Neural Mechanisms for Forming a Perceptual Decision (salzman.pdf)
by Salzman and Newsome
TSRB 222
3/18 Dynamical approaches to cognitive science
by Randall Beer
TSRB 222
4/1 Explanation: An Mechanistic Alternative
by William Bechtel (speaking at GSU on 4/7)
TSRB 222
4/15 Student Conference 10am-1pm
MaRC Auditorium
4/18 Missing File (/cogsci/uploads/Lave1.pdf) 3?4
TSRB 222
4/29 The Visual Pathways Mediating Perception and Prehension
by Goodale, Jakobson, and Servos
TSRB 222

Colloquia Information (Fall 2004)