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Colloquia Information (Fall 2004)

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12/3/2004 A Problem-Solving Account of Scientific Explanation
by Gary Hardcastle
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
11/19/2004 The Time Course of Symmetry Perception
by Ron Ferguson
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
11/12/2004 Causal categories in cognition and laguage
by Phillip Wolff
2pm, MaRC auditorium
11/12/2004 Student lunch with Dr. Phillip Wolff
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
11/5/2004 A 3 x 3 Framework of Assessment and Evaluation for Meeting Competing Educational Goals
by Daniel Hickey
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
10/29/2004 Experimental Ethnography and the Epistemology of Historical Replication
by Ryan Tweney
3:30pm, Clay Theater, Student Success Center
10/29/2004 Student lunch with Ryan Tweney 12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
10/22/2004 If you make good training materials, they will learn
by Richard Catrambone
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
10/15/2004 Studies of Disrupting Representational Infrastructure: Towards a Theory of Distributing Cognition
by Rogers Hall
Disrupting Representational Infrastructure in Conversations Across DisciplinesHall_et_al_2002.pdf
2-3pm, MaRC Auditorium
10/8/2004 Cancelled n/a
10/1/2004 Bridging the Gap Between Cognitive and Software Engineering
led by Idris Hsi
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
9/24/2004 Representations in Problem-solving and Design, led by Charles Eastman
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
9/17/2004 What is cognitive science? What isn't cognitive science? 12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
9/10/2004 Student Meeting 12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
9/3/2004 Continued discussion: The situativity of knowing, learning, and research by J. Greeno 12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
8/27/2004 The situativity of knowing, learning, and research by J. Greeno
12-1pm, Whitaker Room 1232
8/20/2004 Introductions and discussion of semester theme: Bridging the Gaps 12-1pm, Skiles Room 243

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