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CERCS Internship Program
Student Resumes

CERCS students applying for internships for Summer'12 through the CERCS Internship Program should
send an email with the following information, in the following format:

<b>Student Name</b>, program (MS/PhD)
Advisor Name,
2-3 keywords for student's research interest

In addition, students should complete the CIP application form (, and submit it to Susie McClain, KACB 3336

Kirak Hong, CS (PhD)
Prof. Umakishore Ramachandran,
Middleware for sensor network, Distributed stream processing

Minsung Jang, CS PhD
Advisor: Professor Karsten Schwan,
Mobile virtualization, Workload offloading on mobile-cloud environment

Kisung Lee, CS PhD
Advisor: Prof. Ling Liu
Distributed Data Intensive Systems, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing

Daniel Lertpratchya, ECE PhD
Dr. Douglas M. Blough
Computer networks, wireless networks, network simulations

Jack Li, CS PhD
Advisor: Professor Calton Pu
Cloud computing scalability/optimization, Distributed Systems, Bottleneck Detection

Junwei Li, CS PhD
Advisor: Karsten Schwan
Cloud Resource Management and Power Metering, High Performance Computing

Si Li, ECE PhD
Sudhakar Yalamanchili,
architecture, gpu, instrumentation

Alex Merritt, CS (PhD)
Advisor: Karsten Schwan
HPC, Virtualization, Heterogeneous Computing

Tuan Anh Nguyen, PhD
Advisor: Karsten Schwan
High Perf IO, code coupling

Dipanjan Sengupta, CS (PhD)
Advisor: Prof. Karsten Schwan
Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Virtualization, High Performance Computing.

William Song, ECE PhD
Advisor: Prof. Sudhakar Yalamanchili
Power, Thermal, Reliability, Modeling, Measurement, Management

De Wang, CS PhD
Advisor name: Prof. Calton Pu
Machine learning, Data mining, Social networks

Yi Yang, CS (PhD)
Advisor name: Calton Pu,
Natural language processing, Information retrieval, Information security