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Tainted Kingdom

Primary Game

Gameplay ElementNecessary Components Available?

Advanced Game

Gameplay ElementNecessary Components Available?

General Area For Unassociated Ideas


Real time combat
VERY simple AI monsters run straight across and fight only other monsters in their lane
Diminishing returns on experience for defeating the same person
rock-paper-scissors approach to combat
special abilities
recharge timer on summoning nodes
spectral units?
  • press L or R to switch to the spirit world and summon units there
  • spectral units available are units that have died in the normal world
  • spectral units do not cost mana?
  • spectral units require that a certain amount of mana is missing?
  • all castles must have a spiritual core to survive, this is what gets attacked
  • castle hp is the same for normal world and spirit world?
  • spiritual shield that gets attacked before actual hp is attacked?
recharge timer for summoning from a square set to 3 4 seconds
use mana rather than a maximum number of units
critical hits may/will cause units to get knocked back one square?
units have special abilities that can be activated per square
player has to write a symbol and place the tile down, that space does something special
  • heal/damage over time for units stand on it
  • moves 1 unit sideways every ten seconds
  • units move faster/slower across it
use mana to add special properties to a square
the three tiles on each side do not move
units that make it across do a set amount of damage to the opposing castle based on their type
mana rate increases as time goes on?


cheap but VERY weak minions that do a lot of damage to castle if they make it across
overpowered unit that costs no mana, but permanently lowers the player's mana regeneration rate

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