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Sample Files

Here are some sample files relating to IBM's TSpaces:
This sends a simple tuple of the form ("TestData", timestamp, random_integer) to the TupleSpace named "TSTest" once every two seconds. (You can tell it's sending when the computer beeps.)
This sets up a callback for tuples of the form ("TestData", java.util.Date, java.Integer) and then prints them out when the callback is called. (Press Ctrl-C to abort this program; I didn't bother building it a nice UI.)


osgAR (7 May 2003)
osgAR distribution. This zip files contains all necessary .lib and .h files to run osgAR.
It contains two .cpp example file:
ARTdemo.cpp and osgARlab.cpp.
It also includes osgText files. (23 July 2003)

osgAR source files.

This is the galaxy gile for the Viztracker fiducials on the ceiling of room 228

Here is the latest vrpn_server.exe, as of jan 13, 2006.

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