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Maribeth Gandy

Research Portfolio

The evolution of my research can be broken into three stages that led naturally into each other. My early work focused on audio and VR (I initially worked as an undergraduate with Larry Hodges). My audio work led to working with Thad Starner as a MS student and a continuing collaboration on wearable computing topics. This work in wearable computing led to my interest in Augmented Reality (AR) and I began working with Blair MacIntyre on a variety of projects. This work in AR and its design process has resulted in an interest in developing evaluation techniques and design guidelines for AR, culminating in our recently funded NSF proposal to explore the concept of "presence" (traditionally a technique used in VR evaluation) in AR. The following sample of publications highlights this progression.

  • Drewes, T., Gandy, M., Mynatt, E. “Sleuth: An Audio Experience”. In Proceedings of ICAD 2000, April 2000. Contribution: Developed initial concept and implemented prototypes. Responsible for sound design and contributed to experimental protocol. Aided in writing of paper

  • Lyons, K., Gandy, M., Starner, T. "Guided by Voices: An Audio Augmented Reality System". In Proceedings of ICAD 2000, April 2000 Contribution: Developed audio application for use with Guided By Voices RF technology along with game and sound design. Aided in writing and presented paper

  • Kidd, C.D., Starner, T., Gandy, M., Quay, A. “The Beware Home: A Contextually Aware Haunted House”. GVU Tech Report GIT-GVU-00-29. Contribution: Managed the development, design, and staging of a technologically enhanced "haunted house" at the AwareHome with various mobile and AR projects. Developed a gesture recognition based exhibit using novel interaction (e.g. "drawing" on walls with a laser pointer)

  • Gibson, V., Peifer J., Gandy, M., Robertson, S., Mewes, K. “3D Visualization Methods to Guide Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease”, Studies in health technology and informatics. 2003; 94: 86-92. Contribution: Developed interaction techniques and 3D visualizations for used during pallidotomy procedures (brain operation to lesion small section to relieve symptoms of PD). Lead developer on project. Aided in writing of paper

  • Macintyre B., Bolter J., Vaughan J., Hannigan B., Moreno E., Haas M., Gandy M. “Three Angry Men: Dramatizing Point-of-View using Augmented Reality”. In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2002, July 21-26, 2002. Contribution: This is the first of several papers on this project. I had many roles in the various incarnations of this project including contributing to design of the user experience and development of the software. Implemented most recent version known as "Four Angry Men".

  • Blair MacIntyre, Maribeth Gandy, Steven Dow, and Jay David Bolter. "DART: A Toolkit for Rapid Design Exploration of Augmented Reality Experiences." In Proceedings of User Interface Software and Technology (UIST'04), October 24-27, 2004, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Contribution: Lead developer of this rapid prototyping tool for AR. Aided in writing of paper

  • Blair MacIntyre, Jay David Bolter, and Maribeth Gandy (2004) "Presence and the Aura of Meaningful Places" 7th Annual International Workshop on Presence (PRESENCE 2004), Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 13-15 October 2004. Contribution: Contributed to development of a new concept related to presence in AR environments called "aura". Aided in writing of paper.

  • Maribeth Gandy, Scott Robertson, Ed Price, Joseph Bailey "The Design of a Performance Simulation System for Virtual Reality" In Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction International 2005, July 22-27, Las Vegas, NV Contribution: Co-Investigator on NSF ITR funded project. Lead software architect/developer. Designed system architecture to support authoring by non-technologists for this domain. Developed interface and interaction of resulting simulations for use by students and non-technology researchers. Lead author and main contributor on paper. NOTE: I do not present this paper as an example of quality writing. It was written hastily for a lower tier conference, but the project itself is interesting I believe and shows another example of my work in authoring environments and HCI research for VR. It is also an example of my involvement in generating funded research grants.

  • Peter Presti, Maribeth Gandy, Blair MacIntyre, Steven Dow, "A Sketch Interface to Support Storyboarding of Augmented Reality Experiences" In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2005, July 31- Aug 4, 2005. Contribution: Developed concept and software that allows for 2D sketching on top of captured data to support the creation of video prototypes early in the DART design process.

  • Maribeth Gandy, Blair MacIntyre, Steven Dow, Jay David Bolter, "Supporting Early Design Activities for AR Experiences", book chapter to appear in "Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design" Contribution: Lead author and main contributor to chapter

  • Maribeth Gandy, Blair MacIntyre, Peter Presti, Steven Dow, Jay Bolter, Brandon Yarbrough, Nigel O’Rear, "AR Karaoke: Acting in Your Favorite Scenes",The Fourth International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR05), Oct 6-8, Vienna, Austria. Contribution: Contributed to the development of the concept and main developer of software for AR Karaoke system. Designed and implemented prototypes to explore interface and experience design issues. Following informal evaluation of prototypes designed and developed new interface components for DART. Lead author and main contributor to paper. (original, long version of paper)

  • Maribeth Gandy, Blair MacIntyre "Presence in Augmented Reality", NSF IIS proposal funded in Oct 2005 Contribution: Co-PI on project. Contributed to development of research plan and main writer of proposal. This proposal is an outline of my planned thesis research

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