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Computers to have WinXP installed

  • andouille
  • hotdog (done)
  • ribs (done)
  • prosciutto (done)

PhD Area

DeskNameMachine GT#
15 Cindy Andouille (Dell 220) 0105878
16 Master Student (Kedar Shiroor)
17 Maribeth
18 Master Student (Steven Dow) capicola (Dell Precision220)
19 Mateas' PhD
20 Mateas' PhD
21 Dongyi Schnitzel (Dell 420) 0104488
22 Markus Chop (Sun Ultra 60) 0097099
23 Enylton Hotdog (Dell 420), Tenderloin (Ultra 60) 0103308
24 Brendan Boudin (Dell 220) 0105880

Not sure if we can reasonably assign desks out there to Master students. Non-CS PhD students who should have a desk somewhere, though, include: Kedar, Parth, Steven Dow, Mayank.

Lab Area

machine specsgt# destination
PorkrindHP Workstation x4000 near is-600 / middle
hamhockSun Ultra60 (near porkrind, on USB switcher)
backbaconiMac (out near blair's office)
pigsfootHP Workstation x4000 cindy experiment
MegalonSun Ultra10 (turned off ... prop for Cindy) put on desk with pigsfoot
TreetSGI220 general use #1
ProsciuttoDell Precision530 general use #2
pateDell Precision530 general use #3
RibsDell Precision530 general use #4
sausageSun Ultra10 (retire)

Things aside from computers:
train table goes against a wall
Cindy experiment setup needs space beside, probably another desk with it's machine
rear projection table8' x 3'might go in "demo" lab

Other stuff: coffee machine (no, this is going in my office –Blair), water cooler (no, the water cooler is not coming. we decide when we get there if we want to get a new service – Blair). Sofa (no, it's going in my office, probably – Blair)

For the table below, assign a number (1, 2, ...) to each "desk", and we'll figure out which desk is which later. For "use", it can be things like general purpose, specific task (like
1Cindy's experiment machine beside her experiment setup
2general purpose


(Question: how many have wheels, how many don't? how many are double height?)
  • Blue (all wheeled)
    • 48" - 1 (single shelf )
    • 60" - 7 (3 single shelf and 4 double shelf)
  • Brown
    • 30" - 3 (No wheels - 1 double shelf and 2 triple shelf)
    • 48" - 6 (4 wheeled, single shelf and 2 no wheels, 4 shelves) + "coffee table"

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