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Enylton Machado Coelho

To do list:

  • update to 0.9.4
    • Port VideoViewer
    • Port TrackerHandler
      • ART Transforms
      • VRPN Transforms
      • Have both working in the same setup
    • Demos
      • Video on the background
      • ART transform
      • VRPN transform
      • both transforms
    • openGL camera at origin
    • Port TrackerManipulator
      • VRPN updates camera
      • Right camera parameters (calibration)
      • VRPN camera and ART fiducials on the same app
  • Implement errorBounder
    • innitial implementation as a visitor
    • working with head tracker uncertainty
    • multiple sources of uncertainty
    • demo of error boundaries
    • add interactivity (input and output)
Input, output using error bounders
  • display error bounders around objects
  • compute error bounders for input
  • demo
  • set up new HMD + tracker + camera
  • Buy Female DB-9 to Male DB-25 cable
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