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Blair MacIntyre

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My email address is blair AT

I'm an Assistant Professor in the College of Computing, and the leader of the DART project. The work is a collaboration supported by the GVU Center at Georgia Tech, between my group in the College of Computing, Jay Bolter and his students in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture, and Maribeth Gandy and others at the Interactive Media Technology Center.

I've done most of the work lately on the DART Xtra, which has been worked on by a few others over the years, including Russ Morris (who developed the first version of the VRPN code when he was a student here) and Steven Dow (who did a bit of work on it as well). The Lingo code has largely been developed by Maribeth Gandy and Steven Dow.

DART is now supported by the NSF (starting April 2004), via a CAREER Project (with me as PI) entitled "Supporting Design Exploration, Prototyping and Testing of Creative Augmented Reality Experiences". This project, which goes through 2009, is aimed at understanding the design process for AR/MR experiences, and how to support it.

Here is a version of the artSupport dll for ARTag that will work through dec 31, 2006. (posted 1/13/06): artSupport-artag.dll

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