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DART Swiki

This swiki is for users of the DART (Designer's Augmented Reality Toolkit) community to share code, ideas and examples. Please use it as you see fit. (If you wish to upload files to the swiki, please contact any of the DART team for the attach id and password.)

The DART Homepage provides a high-level description of DART and augmented reality, including examples and publications. The homepage includes the most recent version of DART available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
DART Media
Additional/contributed tutorials (not in the distribution)
DART and lingo samples/extensions (not in the distribution)
DART hardware/technology discussion
DART Xtra documentation
Bug reports
Community pages
Macromedia Director Resources

Contact Developers:
Blair MacIntyre (blair at
Maribeth Gandy (maribeth.gandy at
Steven Dow (steven at

If you use DART, we would appreciate you referencing our work and web site ( Here are some logos you could use as links on a web page or other material, as you see fit:
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