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Club Resources

We are listing here equipment Buzz Studios owns, articles we would like to share, and any other information about our resources.

Feel free to add content in the boxes provided. Bulleted items should begin with a '-'

Our Equipment
  • Canon GL2 digital camera
  • wide-angle lense
  • Bogen tripod
  • shotgun micorophone
  • wireless lavalier microphone
  • 7" lcd monitor
  • Lighting Kit: 1x 500W Lowel Omni-light, 2x 500W Lowel Tota-light, with stands, umbrellas, gel frames, gels, ND filters, and diffusion filters
  • RedRock Micro35 35mm Groundglass adapter with 15mm rods.
  • Minolta 28mm lens, f2.0
  • Minolta 50mm lens, f2.5
  • Minolta 50mm lens, f1.4
  • Currently, we are building a 10'6" jib.
  • Chinese lantern, a large(1-2ft D) paper globe with a ~200W bulb in the middle that makes really soft light. These are relatively inexpensive and extremely functional, especially for indoor shots. The paper is flammable, so caution must be exercised.

Equipment we'd like to get
  • A sunshade would be easy to make. A decent matte-box with sunshade is more difficult.
  • more thick extension cables; possibly a generator
  • pan-tilt head for the jib(I'm working on that now, -Alan)
  • lanc controller for remote zoom and camera control
  • remote focus for 35mm lenses(allow us to use Micro35 on steadicam/jib)
  • a decent hand follow focus puller, with paper inserts for markings,
  • a fast zoom lens(better than f3 if possible).
  • Skycam - a boy can dream, can't he?
  • a slate (or something reasonably usabale as a slate)
  • a battery tester (for AA, AAA batteries - to test microphone batteries, for example)
  • lightweight weight clams (for the jib) such as these
  • a black, opaque cloth (for blocking out light, covering windows, etc.)
  • Do we still need to get more/replacement CTO gels?
  • Minolta extension tube set
  • Sandbags

Member's equipment
Alan Melling
  • Handheld camera stabilizer: similar to a Glidecam 4000, it has a 5 bearing 3 axis gimbal, a 2 axis positional stage for balancing. The gimbal can also be positioned along the post for vertical balance.
  • Spreader dolly: nicknamed "Ruby on Rails", this acts as a spreader for the jib tripod; can attach skateboard wheel clusters so it can ride on rails. I am looking to get some regular large caster wheels so we can move the jib a round during production
  • Platform dolly: 4' x 2'6" dolly that rides on rails with a total of 16 skateboard wheels in 4 clusters. an operator can stand or sit on it. I currently only have 10' of rail.
  • Bunch of shoplights and random stuff like a magic arm, etc.
  • Access to a Canon XL1s
Matt Bigelow
  • Co-owns an Canon XL2

Here are some helpful websites:
Camera Support DIY enthuisiasts show off their own rigs; covers full and handheld Steadicams, jibs/cranes, dollies Quite literally everything you may ever need to know. It's all there. Read this entire site as soon as you can. Galleries of cool rigs and crewmembers. Take a look at some of the student pictures.

Photography Good tutorials on the inner workings of sensors, including diffraction, DOF, color spaces, interpolation, etc...


BuzzStudios Wikipedia Article - contribute to our own little part of the world wide wiki.
WikiBooks Movie Making Manual - Wiki driven collection of articles - FAQ, Knowledge Base, Forums, and more - A little more commercial, but may have some info - We don't have a Super-8 camera, but in case you're curious...