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Dave Lillethun

Year: 4th year grad
Major: Computer Science
Bio: I started grad school here at GA Tech in Fall '04 and joined the club at that time. Prior to that I had no experience in filmmaking. I'm still a beginner, but I'm learning... =)

Things I Can Do: camera operation (a little), lighting (a little), sound
Things I Want to Learn: more camera operation, more lighting, film editing, sound editing

Jimmy M. Espana

Major: B.S. Computer Science
Bio: I am new to Georgia Tech this Fall '04 and new to film making. I love all types of movies. I am a hard-core Star Wars fan.
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, The Godfather, The Matrix, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean. (Note: These are just a few)
Film Making Skills: At the moment not much; but I am very eager to learn. Currently, I am learning how to use Adobe editing software to produce visual effects and what not. I would like to do some acting as well.
Film Making Goals: Acting, Visual Effects, and Directing.
My Website: (

Ben Bruckner(graduated)

I have always been interested in the more artistic and aesthetic side of film. I became interested in film as an actor in high school and I quickly learned to appreciate cinematography, lighting, etc. I really enjoyed working on John's Blender and all the other shorts that we've produced and I would HIGHLY encourage all of the new members to find a way to get involved with a project, even if it means coming up with an idea yourself. It doesn't have to be long or well-written or even good, just go out and make something.

Will Wright(graduated)

I have really enjoyed working with Buzz Studios over the past 4 years. I did a lot of theatre in highschool and college, but I hadn't done anything with film/video until Buzz Studios. Since getting involved, I've done several things with the club, including John's Blender and Buzzinator. I've also worked with others to produce a couple shorts. Some of my favorites were Punch Line and The Lay Off. Once we plan a movie night, I'd be happy to bring those in and show people. Also, I attended the Bare Bones Film Festival in Tulsa when John's Blender was shown. It was a really great experience and I encourage others to go out and see what other independent film makers are doing.

Alan Melling

Major: Comp.E., senior.
I am more interested in the technical side of filming. I also make film equipment. I have made a handheld steadicam(c), a dolly, and a shoulder mount, and some other things. I just finished version 1 of the BuzzJib, more to come. I really want to make a pan tilt head for the jib. I have acted as D.P. on several projects but happy just to be a cameraman. I have also used 3ds MAX for 6 years or so and am currently auditing a Digital Video FX class.
My Website: (
Favorite Links:
( This is the mecca of homemade camera stuff. They have dollies, jibs, steadicams, and other great stuff. Check out the forum, also. My steadicam is in 'handheld' under Alan, and our jib is on there too.
( This place is a fountain of info about cameras and production. Click on 'community' on the left for the forum.

Tamil Periasamy

Major: Aerospace, junior
About me: