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Project Pages

Welcome to the projects pages, where you can see the projects we are working on in detail! Give us a few days to have specific information up.

What you might find here:

  • Storylines
  • Filming Schedules
  • Editing Schedules
  • Character Sketches
  • Casting Calls
  • and more...

Music Video script - 3/29/2006

Aight, here's the first draft of the script in pdf form. If you can, plz print out a copy before the meeting tonight and read over it so as to get a glimpse of what is expected. Any thoughts, ideas, criticisms, etc, should be brought up asap as I believe that the shooting script will begin to take shape at the meeting as well. Notes have been cited in a separate document.

script01.pdf [7 pages]
notes01.pdf [1 page]